Saturday, July 16, 2016

Are you like me - frustrated by what is happening in our country and our world?

I will pray for Nice, Dallas, Orlando and every other place that needs it. I also pray for peace, for our country and our world.

As long as someone out there doesn't believe that #AllLivesMatter, we will have discord and violence, whether it be racially, religiously or politically motivated.

Do you remember the immortal words of Rodney King, way back in 1991? "Why can't we all get along?" He was referring to racial riots after he was beaten by Los Angeles police officers. It's amazing when you realize that happened 25 years ago.

What is incredibly sad about that is similar incidents are still happening today. For better or for worse, we may be hearing more about these issues because of Social Media. For better, we have new worldwide forums for discussion and free speech. For worse, we have those who use these platforms to spread discord and inflame others.

In 25 more years, who knows where we will be in America and across the globe - in a state of peace or in a state of chaos? Only time will tell. Until then, if you're like me, just keep praying.