Monday, April 3, 2017

I am constantly amazed at the perception those outside the communications or media industries have of those who work in them.

While my "day" job is outside of that realm and has been for five years, I am still part of the media world thanks to my Iowa Press Women and National Federation of Press Women involvement.

It's interesting to hear my co-workers and non-industry friends talk about #fakenews and other media happenings.

I'll often relate something I spotted on Twitter during our lunch break, and we'll discuss its relevance or irrelevance. It's no surprise many of these events involve the White House or government officials. I remind my colleagues that without the media, government could run unchecked.

Another way to put it - think of all the shenanigans that we aren't hearing about - based on those we are clued into. Telling a reporter not to shake her head at a response to a question? #ohnoyoudidnot
But sadly, this did happen.

Hopefully it won't happen again.

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