Sunday, March 27, 2016

Making sense of the 'Madness'

If you're like me, my NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is busted. It's been broken into pieces, stomped on, trounced and left for dead.

It's amazing how Americans seem to unite over their brackets, and by now, nearly everyone has lost their national champion unless they opted for Oklahoma or North Carolina. For the record, for some reason I chose Michigan State. Yes, that selection was the beginning of the end for myself and millions more.

I guess the tournament wouldn't have the "madness" factor if teams like 10-seed Syracuse didn't make the Final Four, and that's what makes it exciting.

With the growth of online contests, brackets have become a popular way to decide the best-ever this or that. I had a unique thought - let's turn the presidential campaign into a bracket contest. Who would encompass the Final Four? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz?

What would the tiebreaker be? Who wins Florida? Well, I guess we've been there and done that where a presidential election is concerned.

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