Sunday, May 1, 2016

Investment opportunity for tax refunds

Does your pocketbook feel a bit heavier right now?

If you are like me and are paid every other Friday, if you are paid on the same Fridays that I am, April was a treat: we received 3 paychecks.

Now, this is a bit like taking from Peter to pay Paul in that the first paycheck we receive in May isn't until the month is basically half over, But why worry about that? If you received an income tax refund - federal and/or state - you have even more extra money available right now.

If you're ready to spend that money, I know just the event! The Kansas Frontier conference, NFPW's annual soiree, will be held in September in Wichita. If you are ready to apply some of your hard-earned money, that opportunity is coming soon.

Hotel registration at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Wichita Airport is already open at
I've also heard from a few members who have already booked their flights. One was able to get one-way tickets to and from St. Louis for $49 each thanks to Southwest Airlines.

Soon, registration will be open for the tours and conference itself. So I'm encouraging everyone to hold on to that dinero for just a little longer so that you can spend it on your trip to Kansas!

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